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Giving Tuesday, the Tuesday following Thanksgiving, is an international effort to celebrate the giving season with a day dedicated to giving back. The Parsons Area Community Foundation chose this day to host a Match Day at the Wall Family Center in Parsons. On this day, community members have the opportunity to give to local organizations and build their endowment. All donations are increased by the division of a $30,000 match pool provided by the Foundation.


The first Match Day on Giving Tuesday was held in 2016. The response from the community was breathtaking. Over $90,000 in contributions were received and the participating organizations increased their bottom line ranging from $3,055 to $19,280.


In 2017, Match Day on Giving Tuesday was equally successful. Nearly $100,000 in contributions were received with the average match per organization of $3000. As endowed funds at the community foundation, the principal is invested, and only the earnings are distributed each year. As of September of 2018, funds had increased by 332% from the initial contributions given to establish the funds.


The third Match Day on Giving Tuesday will be held on November 27, again at the Wall Family Center from 7am to 7pm. Three new organizational funds have been added this year to the endowed funds held at the Parsons Area Community Foundation:

  • Parsons Educational Foundation Education Technology Fund
  • Labette Community College Endowment for the Arts
  • Labette County Fair Association

To establish an endowed fund and join the group of participating organizations, a minimum $5000 initial contribution is necessary. This amount, however, may be requested to be returned to the organization once outside contributions, along with the matching funds received from PACF, meet or exceed that initial contribution. All contributions from donors remain in the organization's permanent fund for the benefit of that organization. Only the interest from that fund is distributed each year. Another term for an endowed fund is a perpetual fund. It continues to give year after year after year to help that organization remain viable over time.


Please contact the PACF office for more information.

Phone: 620-421-0723




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