Raised for Local Nonprofits
331 gifts
Totaling $93,387.00
PACF Giving Tuesday
Raised for Local Nonprofits
331 gifts
Totaling $93,387.00
Raised for Local Nonprofits
331 gifts
Totaling $93,387.00

About PACF Match Day on Giving Tuesday

PACF hosted its first Match Day on Giving Tuesday in 2016 with the purpose of helping local nonprofits build their PACF endowment funds. PACF provided a $30,000 match pool to increase donations received that day. The response from the community was breathtaking. Over $90,000 in contributions were received and the participating organizations increased their bottom line with a range of $3,055 to $19,280.


Match Day on Giving Tuesday 2016 was so successful PACF, along with the participating organizations, agreed it should occur again on Giving Tuesday in 2017. Giving Tuesday follows Thanksgiving, the consumer driven "Black Friday" and "Cyber Monday". It is an international effort to celebrate the giving season with a day dedicated to giving back.


Two new organizations have established endowed funds with the Parsons Area Community Funds this year: The First Baptist Church moved its Lay Leadership Endowment to PACF and Marjorie Troy established a fund to benefit the Parsons Senior Center.


To establish an endowed fund and join the group of participating organizations, a minimum $5000 initial contribution is necessary. This amount, however, may be requested to be returned to the organization once outside contributions, along with the matching funds received from PACF, meet or exceed that initial contribution. All contributions from donors remain in the organization's permanent fund for the benefit of that organization. Only the interest from that fund is distributed each year. Another term for an endowed fund is a perpetual fund. It continues to give year after year after year to help that organization remain viable over time.


Please contact the PACF office for more information.

Phone: 620-421-0723

Email: Director@parsonsareacf.org

Website: parsonsareacf.org


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Top Donation Totals
Organization Donations
Labette Community College Athletics Endowment $13,650.00
Parsons Senior Center Endowment $10,642.00
Proud Animal Lovers Shelter (PALS) Endowment $9,680.00
Labette Assistance Center Endowment $8,882.00
Curious Minds Discovery Zone Endowment $8,820.00
Parsons Educational Foundation Endowment $8,527.00
Labette Health Foundation Endowment $8,055.00
Parsons State Hospital Endowment Assc. $6,510.00
Parsons Area Community Foundation Endowment $5,650.00
Katy Days Endowment $4,892.00
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